• Pollyanna Pickering's World Wildlife Volume III DVD ROM

Pollyanna Pickering's World Wildlife Volume III DVD ROM

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Enjoy Pollyanna Pickering's remarkable animal artwork with the new World Wildlife Volume III collection featuring Red Panda, White Tiger, Black Panther, Tiger, Macaws, Sea Otter, Snow Leopard, Giant Panda, Leopard and Wolf.

Every animal depicted in the paintings was painted from life in their natural habitat and Pollyanna travelled the world in search of these beautiful creatures. Every animal has or has had a heartbeat.

This DVD ROM includes an excess of 700 printable sheets from toppers, backing papers and embellishments.

The disk has an easy to use interface which gives visual thumbnails for every printable sheet. No having to jot down file names or having to click through hundreds of files to find a suitable image.

Within each of the 10 design sets we have made sure that everything mixes, matches and complements the piece of artwork. This takes out the guesswork out of the dilemma of what works with what.


  • Pollyanna Pickering World Wildlife Volume III DVD ROM
    • Stackers
    • Plain & Fancy Toppers
    • Signature Toppers
    • Postcards
    • Tag Calendars
    • Decoupage Sheets
    • Backing Papers
    • Alphabet Tiles
    • Panels
    • Sentiment Sheets
    • Inserts (Text editable)
    • Inserts
    • Quick Cards
    • Embellishments
    • Borders
    • Artwork by Pollyanna Pickering labels