• Pollyanna Pickering's British Wildlife Volume III DVD ROM

Pollyanna Pickering's British Wildlife Volume III DVD ROM

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Pollyanna Pickering’s British Wildlife Volume III Collection is inspired by British wildlife including Red Squirrel, Badger, Rabbit, Harvest Mice, Stag, Frog, Otter, Fox, Hedgehog and Hare.

Pollyanna Pickering is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading wildlife artists. Pollyanna travelled the world in search of these beautiful creatures. Every animal featured in her paintings has or has had a heartbeat!

This DVD ROM includes 10 design sets, each represents a piece of original artwork from the collection. There an amazing 700 printable sheets on the DVD ROM and most of the sheets have several elements on them.

The designs are of a high resolution with 300dpi. They can be used with an inexpensive printer but we recommend that top quality card and paper is used to print on.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows XP+
  • Not compatible with Apple OS systems
  • Colour printer is required


  • Pollyanna Pickering British Wildlife Volume III DVD ROM
    • (Includes in excess of 700 printable Sheets)
      • Stackers
      • Plain & Fancy Toppers
      • Signature Toppers
      • Postcards
      • Tag Calendars
      • Decoupage Sheets
      • Backing Papers
      • Alphabet Tiles
      • Panels
      • Sentiment Sheets
      • Inserts (Text editable)
      • Inserts
      • Quick Cards
      • Embellishments
      • Borders
      • Artwork by Pollyanna Pickering labels